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Scotch® Super-Hold Tape

Whether you’re concealing confidential documents, organising your workspace, or mending a shoelace, Scotch® Super-Hold Tape offers a powerful bond and incredible versatility to tackle common problems. This tape is designed with 50% more adhesive than our standard transparent tape so you can securely seal items like envelopes, small packages and mailing labels with peace of mind.

Scotch® Super-Hold Tape is uniquely designed to add lasting strength and durability where you need it most. From household items to office essentials secure, seal, organise and repair with confidence.

  • 50% extra adhesive (vs Scotch® Crystal Tape) for a very secure seal

  • Great for securely sealing important documents and packages

  • Virtually crystal clear tape with a glossy finish

  • Permanent adhesive for lasting sticking power

Rely on the powerful bond of Scotch® Super-Hold Tape for securing small parcels and important envelopes which need to stay securely sealed.

Designed with 50% more adhesive, this innovative sticky tape offers a stronger bond than Scotch® Crystal Tape. The thicker backing delivers outstanding durability when a secure and lasting hold is essential.

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