The Work Perk enables brands to get their products into the hands of millions of office workers globally.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with media messages on a daily basis. However the office environment is the one arena where there are little forms of marketing media, allowing sole brand voice in the uncluttered environment.

The opportunity to segment our network allows brands to precisely target the ideal consumer, eliminating product wastage and activating a social audience to talk about the product.

Post-trial, brands can also glean that ever elusive consumer feedback via an online questionnaire…

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The Work Perk consultatively collaborate with brand partners to understand key campaign objectives, consumers, geographies and industry verticals they wish to target in order to build bespoke campaigns tailored for each individual client.
Full branded communications, including brand logo’s, product shots, key product information and marketing messages will be sent to the network of relevant companies in line with the confirmed strategic client brief. Each company then has the opportunity to opt-in or out of a campaign, to ensure the product is being trialled by excited recipients and endorsed by every organisation.
In each recipient company, The Work Perk closely liaises with a designated company representative that provides insight into the employee demographic breakdown within each office. This insight allows The Work Perk to dissect the audience to ensure extremely targeted sampling initiatives for the brands represented.
Prior to trial, the employees receive an internal email from the designated company representative with a fully branded communication educating them that they will be receiving a free product sample on behalf of the brand, and on which day. This is an opportunity to deliver key brand messages and encourage excitement and anticipation in each office before the sample lands. On the day of activation, the product is placed onto the desk of the desired consumer and can be supported with further marketing literature or CTA’s - cue phenomenal employee engagement and ‘talkability’!
Employees that have received the sample are encouraged to visit The Work Perk website to complete a bespoke questionnaire of the product sampled. This is the perfect opportunity for the brand to extract key consumer insights to help develop the product and brand in the future.
Post campaign execution, each client receives a full report including all questionnaire data analysis, social media achievements, photos and videography, company testimonials as a complete campaign overview.

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Each campaign will be quoted on a bespoke basis dependent on a number of varying factors. Get in touch for more information.

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