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Nourish your "Why" with the nutrition

it deserves

At Kinetica, we believe that every athlete has a why.

That driving force that lights the fire in your belly.

The reason you push so hard. The reason you care so much.

We’re here to nourish your why with the nutrition it deserves. To match the honesty of your effort with the purity of our products.

Think of us as the how to your why. Ready?

Kinetica High Protein Milkshakes

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Our Kinetica High Protein Milkshakes are ready to drink so you’re ready to go. The protein you need whenever you need it, they give you precious time back in your day. They come in 3 delicious flavours, each containing 25g of protein. No prep, no fuss, no excuses. Best served chilled for maximum flavour and refreshment.

RTD High Protein

Milkshake Chocolate

RTD High Protein

Milkshake Vanilla

RTD High Protein

Milkshake Strawberry

Kinetica Deluxe Protein Bars

If you’re always on the move, you need protein that can keep up with you. Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bars make it easy to hit your protein goals anywhere, any time. The winning mix of no hassle, low sugar, less than 180 calories and high protein, these bars are seriously tasty. With delicious layers of mouth-watering chocolate wrapped around a crunchy centre, they have a softer bite that stands apart from other protein bars. We’re foodies and it shows in the flavour.


Deluxe Protein Bar

Cookies And Cream

Deluxe Protein Bar

Chocolate Brownie

Deluxe Protein Bar

Peanuts And Caramel


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March 2022