Knorr Natural Soup

Knorr Natural Soup is a delicious new range of soups, prepared with only natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. Made with delicious vegetables and perfectly blended to give you a satisfying lunch option that delivers all of the flavour and goodness of homemade soup.  

Available in 3 tasty flavours; Mixed Vegetable, Tomato & Basil and Sweet Potato, all packaged in a convenient & recyclable glass bottle. Perfect for lunch at home or in the office.

If selected, your office will be sampling...


Garden Vegetable

Creamy Tomato
with basil

Tasty and flavourful

  • Knorr natural soup brings the flavours of a vegetable garden to your table, with a delicious velvety soup prepared with natural ingredients.

  • At Knorr, we only use the best ingredients for our products. Made with natural, sustainably sourced ingredients that are carefully selected to bring you the best products.

  • At Knorr, responsible use of agricultural resources is key to providing you with quality soups. That is why all our vegetables used are from sustainable agriculture and cultivated in the open fields to prepare you more delicious soups. To make good food, you need healthy crops, planted in rich, fertile soil, where a nature-conscious farmer is committed to caring for them until they reach maturity. This is why all the products, made from these vegetables, have a natural taste and are full of flavour.

  • Free from artificial colours & artificial preservatives. Free from MSG.

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