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Cake Lovers - The ULTIMATE reduced-calorie, low-sugar and high-fibre cake bars are here. 

The new Lemon Drizzle and Caramel Crunch flavours from Lo-Dough’s Miracle Cake Bar range are the ultimate in diet-friendly, cake bar deliciousness. Our cake bars are a belly-filling 60g each and yet still incredibly low in calories and sugar, as well as supplying  around half your recommended daily fibre each. Best of all, we offer all those nutritional benefits in a beautiful, premium-tasting cake bar. 


Lemon Drizzle: Made with a soft, moist, lemon sponge, topped with a sweetened lemon topping and covered in a low-sugar white chocolate coating. For just 140 calorie and 1.9g sugar, you have the most delicious and generous lemon-flavoured cake bar going.


Caramel Crunch: Think rich chocolate cake, topped with sweetened caramel and crispy cocoa additions - the whole thing enveloped in a low-sugar dark chocolate coating. For only 147 calories and 1.2g of sugar for a 60g bar, you are looking at the future of diet-friendly snacks.


Both cake bars are vegetarian and are perfect for slimming diets, low-carbs diets, fasting diets and sports/fitness.

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