Q3 Sampling & Employee Rewards News

- Oct 09, 2018 -

Nestlé Milkybar® Wowsomes® Rewards for Employees!

Lucky employees across the U.K. were WOWed by Nestlé Milkybar® new Wowsome® bars! Using breakthrough technology,Milkybarâ Wowsomesâ contains 30% less sugar than similar chocolate products and no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives. Simply 100% delicious! Lucky recipient offices received either one Milkybar® Wowsomes® White Chocolate 18g bar or one Milkybar® Wowsomes® Milk & White Chocolate 18g bar. Employees had the choice to take it home for their children, or simply enjoy themselves and decide on the next shopping trip whether to stock it in the chocolate cupboard to WOW the rest of the family with!


Elizabeth Arden – My Fifth Avenue

Working women across the U.K. had the exclusive opportunity to sample Elizabeth Arden’s My Fifth Avenue fragrance. Our U.K. network was filtered so the brand could impact the companies that had the highest number of women that matched the brands demographic. The overall campaign was a success, with fantastic testimonials and considerable competition entries.


Employees Go Nutty for Storck Knoppers! 

Whether at work, at home or out and about – enjoy a relaxing break with a crispy, tasty Knoppers! Employees across the U.K. were able to sample these tasty in between snacks at their desks during the course of the working day.

#NoDayTooTough with NEW Berocca Blackcurrant

We’ve teamed up for a second campaign with Bayer’s Berocca, this time distributing their new Blackcurrant variant to offices across the U.K. Life can be busy and hectic, so employees will get the opportunity to sample Berocca Blackcurrant as they arrive in the office, and “Be Ready!” for the day ahead.

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