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belVita Rise & Thrive Campaign

We partnered with belVita again to promote their first annual belVita Rise & Thrive campaign for ‘National Thrive Day’. The concept behind this was that statistically people are most likely to give up their healthy eating habits on the 17th January, therefore the aim is that belVita are there to provide support and encourage people to stick to their healthy new years resolutions by making breakfast a little bit easier. belVita tasked us with targeting offices containing mainly women/mothers or family decision-makers aged 33-45 with a household income of above $75,000. After segmenting our network based on belVita’s bullseye customer, we had a huge amount of interest for this campaign which was no surprise for ‘America’s #1 breakfast biscuit*‘. After selecting the companies that best matched the target demographic, we narrowed it down to 477 companies participating in this campaign.

We distributed 183,000 belVita breakfast Blueberry Biscuits across New York & Chicago.  32,647 participants provided product feedback through our branded questionnaire, highlighting a 83% propensity to purchase rate among campaign participants (27,097 consumers willing to purchase). Some insights generated through this campaign was that 67% said they find it challenging to consistently have a balanced breakfast, 79% scored the product as above average and from the qualitative feedback, many participants suggested that this product will help them maintain their healthy eating habits, especially in the morning.

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183,000 Consumers Reached
32,647 Completed Questionnaires
83% Purchase Intent

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