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The Work Perk – Our Terms of Service

1 – The samples must be either handed out, desk dropped, or collected from an individual.

2- Samples must not be left in communal areas such as kitchens or staff rooms.

3- Companies/employees are not permitted to use the free samples for re-sale and anyone found to be doing so will be reported to the relevant authorities.

4- Please let us know if you are unable to follow any part of our terms of service.

5- If you have picked YES for redelivering to staff who are working from home, please tell us how you will be managing this.

6- The samples must be distributed within the week of the promotion.

7- You or a colleague will need to be onsite to accept the delivery. If this is not going to be possible, please ensure you let us know ASAP.

8- Please note, that by confirming your interest in this campaign, you will not automatically be included.

9- Once your delivery has been dispatched, we are unable to make any changes to the delivery date.

10- All cancellations or delivery refusals are subject to a cancellation and collection fee.