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Heineken 0.0 Product Sampling Campaign


The objective of the Heineken 0.0 product sampling campaign was to introduce and promote the non-alcoholic beverage option to the target audience of 21-35 year olds working in office environments. The campaign aimed to generate consumer engagement, gather feedback, and assess purchase intent among the target demographic. We sent a videographer to selected offices to interview campaign participants whilst sampling the product to gain comprehensive insight through qualitative feedback, as well as quantitative through the post-campaign questionnaire.

Campaign Overview

In collaboration with Heineken, we executed an extensive product sampling campaign, distributing 2,222,222 samples of Heineken 0.0 across California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas. The campaign specifically targeted offices with the highest density of the 21-35 year old demographic.

A total of 5,563 companies actively participated in the Heineken 0.0 product sampling campaign. These companies, recognizing the importance of catering to the preferences of their employees, collaborated with us to engage their staff and create a positive brand experience.

The campaign achieved a 14.01% consumer engagement rate, with 311,334 participants completing the post-campaign questionnaire. This level of engagement reflects the interest and receptiveness of the target demographic towards Heineken 0.0.

Out of the participants who provided feedback, an overwhelming 87% expressed their intention to purchase Heineken 0.0. At a price point of $9.50 for a 6-pack, this remarkable purchase intent suggests that the campaign has the potential to generate over $2.5 million in sales for Heineken.

Key Findings

  • Distributed 2,222,222 samples of Heineken 0.0 across 11 states.
  • Engaged 5,563 companies in the campaign, targeting offices with high density of 21-35 year olds.
  • Gathered feedback from 311,334 participants who completed the post-campaign questionnaire.
  • 87% of consumers indicated their intent to purchase Heineken 0.0.
  • The estimated potential sales generated from participants’ purchase intent feedback exceeds $2.5 million.

Key Statistics

All the facts

2,222,222 Consumers Reached
311,334 Completed Questionnaires
87% Purchase Intent


The Heineken 0.0 product sampling campaign successfully targeted and engaged the desired demographic of 21-35 year olds working in office environments. The significant consumer engagement rate and overwhelmingly positive purchase intent feedback indicate a strong demand for Heineken 0.0 within this market segment. The campaign’s success not only showcases the product’s potential for sales growth but also highlights the importance of understanding consumer preferences and delivering innovative offerings tailored to their needs.

Heineken 0.0

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