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Thatchers Blood Orange Product Sampling Campaign


Thatchers Cider, a renowned cider producer, collaborated with us for another product sampling campaign in May 2022 to introduce and promote their Thatchers Blood Orange variant that was launched at the end of February 2022. The campaign specifically targeted offices with the highest concentration of 21-34 year olds across multiple cities in the UK. The main objectives were to raise brand awareness, drive consumer engagement, and evaluate the potential purchase intent for the product.

Campaign Execution

Thatchers Cider achieved remarkable success in the distribution of 150,000 Thatchers Blood Orange samples, strategically reaching prominent destinations such as Torquay, Exeter, Plymouth, Truro, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Newcastle. Our mission was to focus on precise industry targeting, and through careful selection from our extensive network, we identified 421 companies that perfectly aligned with our desired demographic. These companies eagerly embraced the sampling initiative, offering their valued employees an exclusive chance to savour the delightful new cider variant firsthand, in addition to providing Thatchers with comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data through videography and the post-campaign questionnaire.


The product sampling campaign achieved an impressive consumer engagement rate of 21.27%, with 31,905 participants completing the post-campaign questionnaire. This feedback provided valuable insights into the reception and potential market demand for Thatchers Blood Orange. We discovered, at a price point of £5.50 for a 4-pack, the campaign had the potential to generate £160,000 in product sales based on the purchase intent results.

Key Findings

  • 90% of the participants who provided feedback expressed a likelihood of purchasing the product.
  • The campaign generated an above average consumer engagement rate at 21.27% (31,905 participants completed the post-campaign questionnaire).
  • Based on the participants’ purchase intent feedback, the campaign had the potential to generate approximately £160,000 in sales for Thatchers.

Key Statistics

All the facts

150,000 Consumers Reached
31, 905 Completed Questionnaires
90% Purchase Intent


Thatchers Cider’s product sampling campaign for Thatchers Blood Orange proved to be highly successful in reaching and engaging its target audience of 21-34 year olds in offices across various cities. The campaign achieved an impressive consumer engagement rate, with a significant percentage of participants indicating a strong inclination to purchase the product. These positive results not only validate the product’s appeal but also indicate a potential boost in sales for Thatchers Cider.

The campaign’s effectiveness in generating consumer interest and purchase intent demonstrates the power of product sampling as a marketing strategy. Thatchers Cider can leverage these insights to refine their marketing efforts, increase distribution, and further capitalise on the growing demand for Thatchers Blood Orange in the market.

Thatchers Blood Orange

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