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How Employee Rewards Encourage Collaboration in the Workplace

It’s Work Creativity and Innovation Week! And in line with this year’s theme of collaboration, we wanted to discuss how our employee reward campaigns encourage collaboration in the workplace.

First of all, let’s outline why collaboration in the workplace is so important…

  1. Communication. Creating an environment where your staff can communicate confidently is key to succeeding in your overall business strategy. Whilst teams may not agree on everything it is important that they feel free to share ideas, opinions and knowledge.
  2. Time Keeping. Whilst this doesn’t correlate directly to working collaboratively, having staff work together to keep to important deadlines is important for the day to day life and morale of a business.
  3. Accountability. Building trust in the workplace is the best way for staff to take accountability for their projects/ deadlines. If there is an issue with someone meeting deadlines or quality of work being produced, then you can come together with staff to identify any issues.

So with that in mind, here are some reasons as to how you can encourage collaboration in the workplace.

  1. Create a Communication Plan. Decide which communication methods will work best for your team. WhatsApp groups, Trello, emails, calls or even text messages, are all different methods you can use to communicate with your team.
  2. Make Time for team Bonding. This is where The Work Perk comes in. Receiving free promotional samples to your office helps teams to bond over a common topic. It allows them to create conversation whilst also getting to know each other better.
  3. Create a happier team. Again another way The Work Perk can help! By providing free promotional products in the form of employee rewards, from some of the biggest brands around the globe, makes employees feel appreciated and valued in the workplace.
  4. Improve employee Retention. Having a team that has been in the organisation for a long time will automatically create a positive environment where staff will feel more comfortable with each other and know how to work collaboratively. The Work Perk helps staff feel rewarded for their work which will in turn make them feel appreciated and less likely to look elsewhere.

We hope you find these tips to encourage collaboration in your workplace helpful! Let us know your thoughts or any methods you use in your workplace.