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International Double Date with Mondelez!


In Q2 we had the pleasure of working with Mondelez International on two thrilling new product launch campaigns for their brands, Cadbury UK and Triscuit US.


Triscuit were looking to raise awareness for their Wheatberry Clusters – an innovative new snack made with wholesome wheat berries. Plant-based fuel that we knew busy office workers could be sure to rely on.


With a choice of three different flavours, employees across the United States received their samples and enjoyed the unique and delicious Wheatberry taste! Targeting consumers with an interest in health and wellbeing, offices were instructed to distribute one Wheatberry Clusters packet per five people to share. This cultivated a communal sampling experience, which in turn stimulated discussions about the product and further engaged employees.

Having seen adverts for the Darkmilk I was keen to try it, so when I saw that The Work Perk was offering these samples I put our building forward for it and I was glad I did, the bar is a great balance between Dairy Milk and Bournville and I will definitely be buying it in the future. As far as dark chocolate goes, I am not a huge fan, but this has turned me around completely and I think it’s the best dark chocolate product on the market
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The employees were surprised to share a bigger bag…everyone felt like it tasted good, and when they shared it with their co-workers, the bag went empty quickly!

Cadbury products are typically enjoyed by people of all ages; however, the brand had a new challenge of appealing to a specific demographic with the launch of their new Darkmilk chocolate bar. A brand-new type of chocolate made with 40% cocoa solids and smooth and creamy milk, accompanied with the tagline ‘It’s a bit grown up’.

By segmenting our network based on the brand’s target audience, we were able to precisely pick-out and subsequently impact Cadbury’s ideal Darkmilk consumer.

All in all, we were able to reach 3 million consumers – delivering the brand-new product straight into the hands of office workers nationwide. The benefits of this were also evident on social media after receiving an influx of images from employees who had tried the Darkmilk sample – generating a positive public furore and vastly extending the reach of the campaign.

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