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The Work Perk Distribute Over 10 Million Products to Critical Workers!


UPDATED DEC 2020: 10 million products delivered overall!


In just under a month, our team at The Work Perk have delivered a staggering total of 2,238,743 products since we committed to focusing 100% of campaigns on critical workers.

Working alongside brand partners such as Starbucks, Sanctuary Spa, Kenco, Boost Drinks, Arla Protein, Heinz Baby Food, Cathedral City and Danone Waters, we have delivered free donations to every corner of Britain as a gesture of our gratitude and support. From Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to Durham County Council, employees have been getting the chance to take a break where they can and enjoy free snacks, beverages and more.

the generous donation of Heinz Baby and Infant food is massively appreciated. On behalf of Barts Health NHS Trust healthcare professionals and the maternity ward patients, we can’t thank Heinz enough. Having this organised for our staff alleviates the worry of what to fix for dinner for their young ones back home. Thanks again Heinz, and The Work Perk for all your support!”
Charmaine Yankey | Barts Health NHS Trust Improving Working Lives Co-ordinator

Each and every donation campaign is designed with the needs of workers in mind. Body butters and body wash from Sanctuary Spa allowed workers to unwind and pamper themselves after a taxing shift, while Heinz Baby Food deliveries to NHS staff supported busy parents working on the frontline by providing free food for their children. In a statement, our company director Hannah Campbell said that “we didn’t just want to emptily provide any product to critical workers, but instead, offer more meaningful and beneficial gifts of support. That’s why we’ve carefully selected every brand partner that we’ve reached out to for collaboration”.

Keen to ensure that everyone is included and appreciated in the initiative, the creation of a ‘Critical Worker Hub’ on our website allows critical workers of every profession to register to receive for their company. We have also collaborated with NHS GP and resident doctor on This Morning, Dr Zoe Williams, to help spread the word and encourage participation.

Given how well received the initiative has been, next week The Work Perk will be launching critical worker campaigns overseas in the US to extend our support for first responders. Together with Vita Coco, RUNA and Ever & Ever, there are over 100,000 beverages set for distribution in Los Angeles and New York.

Our Director has added that “I’m extremely proud of our team and brand partners for their quick adjustment and commitment to supporting critical workers at such a testing time. These are the people at the very core of the global workforce, and we have and always will be advocates for them and the imperative work that they do to keep the country running”.

Learn more about The Work Perk’s support for critical workers and find out how you can receive free products to support your staff.