2020 Year in Review

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

It's been a crummy year, but we’re so lucky to have been able to continue supporting and rewarding workplaces all over the world with free perks from exciting brands.

With the help of our amazing WPAs (Work Perk Agents) and office representatives, we’ve been able to continue delivering seamless sampling campaigns during the coronavirus pandemic – implementing new safety measures and social distancing along the way.

Let’s see what we got up to…

We kicked off the year in style with our Joyful January campaign for Hartley’s 10 Cal Jelly – delivering colourful, vibrant, low-calorie jelly (helping New Year dieters to satisfy their sweet tooth!). We had so much fun setting up balloons and confetti in selected workplaces, and seeing the response to Hartley’s celebrity ambassador, Vicky Pattison, delivering all of the campaign messaging. Best of all, Joyful January later picked up silver trophies at the IPM Awards 2020 in two different categories! Although we weren’t able to celebrate together in person, our Zoom parties and quizzes more than made up for it.

What makes a bad year better? Chocolate! This year, we collaborated with Cadbury for not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR campaigns in the UK and Ireland. Employees in both countries got to sample Cadbury’s brand new Darkmilk (yes, the one with Jason Donovan in the advert!) and Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar. Did employees love it? We’ll let you judge for yourself – take a look at the pictures!

The highlight of our year was undoubtedly joining the global #inthistogether movement and supporting our sensational key workers through donation campaigns. We’ve never been prouder of what we do, and we can’t thank our brand partners enough for helping us to deliver meaningful & essential products to hospital staff, carers, postal workers, ambulance crews and the like. We even made the headlines this year with our key worker campaign for Heinz after it was reported in the Mirror Online! Take a peek by clicking here. The campaign saw us deliver over 170,000 Heinz Baby Food units to NHS staff in the UK - supporting busy parents working on the frontline by providing free food for their children.

You can read all about our key worker campaigns, and how we delivered more than 3 million products in just a few months, by clicking here. It doesn’t stop there! As we enter into 2021, the pandemic is still present and the strain on our health services grows heavier. We’ll still be supporting them every step of the way, with upcoming campaigns with Cif, Dettol and Nescafé to name a few. If you’re a key worker and would like to receive donation campaigns from The Work Perk, keep an eye on our website at www.TheWorkPerk.com for more information coming soon.

<Intermission> Oh, and how could we forget? We also launched our brand-new app, Personal Perks, in September too! Understanding that not everyone would now be in the workplace to receive their free employee rewards, we wanted to find a way to reach those working from home, on furlough, and everyone else! Personal Perks allows you to request free products, vouchers and money-saving offers from your phone directly to your front door. Since launch, users have received products from Asian Street Style, Herbal Essentials, Hugo boss and more - it’s been great to see you all enjoying your freebies in the comfort of your own homes! Sound good? Join in the fun and download Personal Perks on the App Store or Google Play today!

Back to it…

I think we can safely say that 2020 was the best smelling year on record, after we executed a total of 6 sampling campaigns for fragrance brands! With new scents from Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Angel, Azzaro, and Ralph Lauren – workplaces and homes everywhere were infused with impressive aromas. One employee from Ricoh Danmark, after receiving their Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue sample, commented “we had a lovely odour in the office”. Sure does beat the whiff of tuna sandwiches at lunchtime!

The School Perk? We worked with Hartley’s again later in the year, this time to deliver their Jelly Pots to school children across the nation! Our first ever sampling campaign outside of the workplace, kids aged 4-9 enjoyed wibbly wobbly fruit flavoured jellies to take home for pudding. We loved every second of it, especially our Operations team, who spent hours gushing and ‘awwhing’ over all of the cute pics being sent in of children smiling with their jelly pots!

As we approach the Christmas period, we’ve got some final campaigns to help get everyone in the holiday spirit! Starbucks Caffe Latte in festive red cups are being delivered as we type, and Hugo Boss ‘Make a Wish’ fragrance sets are scheduled for delivery this week.

All in all, we hope that The Work Perk has helped to cast a light on your year and provide small moments of joy. For now, have a very merry Christmas (we hope you get lots of perks from Santa!) and a happy New Year.

Talk soon,

The Work Perk