Announcement: We're launching our 'Back 2 Work' campaign

With freedom on the horizon and a taste of normality just weeks away, we’ve all been waiting for this moment! For many, the arrival of summer means a fresh pair of shoes to go with those trousers you’ve always liked and there’s no better way to break those in than a trip back into the office.

We know how tough it’s been in the last year and we want to reward our network with goodies that will make the transition a little easier. Because of this, we’re launching our #Back2Work campaign to help employees flow back into the office smoothly. In the following weeks, we’ll be releasing free product samples from amazing brands into our network workplaces to welcome the workforce back into the office.

But that's not all, we believe that now is a time of coming together and re-connecting with each other and so to embrace this we will be doing a number of competitions on our socials with fantastic prizes for companies and their employees to take part in. To join in or get a heads up on our #Back2Work campaign simply sign up or give us a follow on our social channels to watch the fun.

Don’t forget to keep a lookout for the exciting things we have coming up – so make sure you have a camera ready because it’s time to celebrate this moment in history!