Deep Clean Your Office For The Return To Work in June!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

With less than five weeks to go until COVID-19 restrictions are permanently lifted in the UK, many are wondering how we will transition back into the office safely. Hygiene is at the forefront of our minds, entering the workspace with a clean desk and tidy office is the bare minimum of what we desire, and hand sanitiser is not enough. Which is why cleaning services such as Disinfect Direct are so important for this next step. ENTER YOUR INFO HERE TO REDEEM 20% OFF DISINFECT DIRECT SERVICES

The Disinfect Direct team use the most up to date decontamination and virus killing equipment which not only annihilates COVID-19 but all other harmful substances and infections organisms. Their electrostatic spraying technology offers a 28-day protection barrier post-application, providing long-term protection for employees and the public.

Attention to detail makes all the difference here, no space is left untouched. The teamwork across all surfaces, desks, basic electric hardware, light fittings & ventilation units, blinds, curtains, cabinets, kitchens and washrooms. As well as this, their decontamination service extends to outdoor spaces such as, leisure centres, fitness and healthcare facilities, transport and all public places big or small.

With a roster of previous clients such as Holland and Barrett, Aegon City Rooms, Midland Metro Alliance, Mango retail stores, Advanced Electronics and the Royal Air Forces Association, companies across the country are already gearing up to get their workplaces clean in time for a fully present office.

As a result, we will be offering full Disinfect Direct services as a prize competition to our network in the following weeks. To enter, all you have to do is simply tell us why your office should be chosen by commenting in the post below and we’ll choose a winner by 09/07/2021.

The prize winner will receive a free deep contamination service from the Disinfect Direct team. Keep a lookout on our social pages @TheWorkPerk for the competition post, and our other #Back2Work offerings. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information about the prize.