National Stress Awareness Day 2021

Today is National Stress Awareness Day and here at The Work Perk we want to help you realise the importance of taking care of your wellbeing at work in order to manage your stress levels.

1 - Take regular breaks

Whether you go and grab a coffee, go for a quick walk or just step outside to grab some fresh air for five minutes, taking regular breaks can really help you lower your stress levels. We know it can be difficult in busy periods but by just taking five minutes for yourself, you can feel refreshed and ready to tackle the task at hand.

2 - Try a two minute grounding activity

If you have access to a meditation app, then this will come in handy, if not you can simply do it without. The best way to do this activity is by finding a quiet space and making sure you are sitting upright.

Have your feet placed firmly on the ground, then starting at your feet, focus your attention to what each part of your body feels like, working your way up through your body. Is there any tension in this area? Does it feel heavy? Is there any pain? These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself.

Some people find this easier to do with their eyes closed. However, you can do whichever feels more comfortable.

3 - Set clear goals and activities

It is easy to become stressed if you are working on numerous different things all at once. At first it might feel fine but it can quickly feel like it's getting out of control and become too much. To stop things feeling so overwhelming, it can be beneficial to keep a to-do list or use an organiser to keep on top of the different tasks by setting priorities

You can do this for your professional and personal life to help you have more of a work-life balance. For some people writing things down on paper can help rationalise some of the issues you may be facing too.

4 - Avoid bad habits

When stressed it is easy to turn to things that make us feel better for a short period of time. Things like alcohol, caffeine and smoking are normally key alternatives that people turn to. They may help you feel better at the time but they then can cause long term issues like health complications.

During the working day, if you’re looking to energise your morning or in need of an afternoon-fix, opt for a drink packed with antioxidants and vitamins for a boost of natural energy. There are lots of new natural energy drinks which give you the uplift you require, whilst also providing a good source of vitamins and electrolytes.

When it comes to your food choices, many of us normally reach for a chocolate bar, however, instead try opting for a healthy snack that is low in sugar but high in fibre and protein (they are now more tasty than they sound!). This will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer to tackle those dreaded emails.

After work, it’s always tempting to reach for your favourite alcoholic beverage following a stressful day. Whether it be a G&T or your favourite beer, we’re all guilty of that mid-week slip!. Why not opt for trying a new non-alcoholic alternative - everything in moderation after all!

5 - Connect with new people

Connecting with new people can help build a good support network that you can turn to if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Another reason for building new relationships is that it can help you talk through your problems with new people who may be able to provide a clear solution from a different perspective, to the problems you are facing.

Another reason to connect with new people is the opportunity to try new extra curricular activities - something you enjoy sports/reading/blogging art - bonding with people over an activity you enjoy is beneficial for your social development.

We hope you find these tips helpful!

Let us know your thoughts or any ways that you help manage stress in your lives.


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